*Image below: “No. 202″ by Oleg Berezutskiy.


We have interviewed the Russian painter Oleg Berezutskiy, who spoke to us about his artworks and general artistic practice. His works can be seen at: http://www.mizenka.com/artist/Oleg-Berezutskiy

What kind of artworks and series are you currently working on?

I am currently working on artworks relating to a total of four different series, and in two of the series, I use unordinary watercolor.   I am also experimenting with colors, using colored pencils.  My initial choice of materials is spontaneous, but in the same series, I continue using the same materials.  I often work on different series at the same time, and I do not have a specific pattern as to when I begin a new series.

Is there a particular place you like to be when you paint, or a particular time of the day that you like to produce your artworks?  What would you say your overall working style is like?

I am not tied to a particular place.  Now I work from home, mostly at nights. Working at nights is more of a habit because when I was an architect, I had to make time to paint while working full time as an architect.  In terms of my working style, since my creative energy comes from internal influences, I prefer to work alone without any audience.


*Image above: Photo of Oleg Berezutskiy creating his artwork.

How does a typical day go for you?

My typical day goes differently for me.  I do not have a daily and weekly schedule.  Everything changes, and I am flexible with how my day goes.  However, all my mornings start the same.  Every morning I start with meditation.

Does the change of seasons or travelling in any way affect your artworks?  Do you feel that your painting style has changed over the years?

Change of seasons does not affect my artworks.  Sometimes I like to travel, and my travels can affect the experimental part of my creative process.  The only thing that can affect my painting process itself is, if I could become as hollow as a bamboo: What I mean by this is, because my artworks are not driven by a theme or my will, if my mind could become as hollow as the inside of a bamboo, it would help me to create freely, with no thoughts and feelings.  As for my painting style, yes, it has changed over the years.  My artworks have become calmer and meditative.

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