Craig Dandridge’s photographs bring the unconscious act of perception into awareness. His approach to image composition challenges our assumptions about photography as a medium of representation by drawing attention to unusual and ephemeral perspectives through scenes that are vividly surreal.

Craig’s eye is often drawn to reflections on surfaces, which he believes are windows into other worlds through which we may experience new realities. Using only his camera, Craig selects the most ordinary objects and surfaces, transforming them into images that leave a lasting impact on the psyche. His photographs question the sensory mechanisms and aesthetic conventions that influence our understanding of reality, evoking a subsequent shift in our perception through self-awareness.

Craig’s subjects are thoroughly researched, and his work reflects many hours of revisiting sites and waiting for the ideal opportunity to capture a moment. Water, particularly rain, is a powerful element in his work, as water often gives birth to or enhances natural reflections.

None of Craig’s images are digitally manipulated, although many reflect a peculiar distortion caused by slow shutter speeds. Deeply reflective and always personal, Craig’s photographs take viewers on an extraordinary journey through the ordinary places that surround them.

Born and raised in Northern California, Craig has made Tokyo his home for 20 years.

Craig began his professional career as a photographer in 2002. His images have been featured on several websites, including Hi Career and the cover of Ernst & Young Japan’s “Eyes” quarterly journal. His images of Japanese festivals and dance are regularly displayed in public forums around Tokyo.