Noriko Nagano's works are characterized by an embrace of water and its energy. Her rich depiction of water reflects its dynamism and infinite possibility. While abstract, her works are rendered with careful attention to the subtle tones of color and texture that are reflected in flowing water. The resulting works convey balance and movement, while maintaining the sense of strength and volatility that is the key characteristic of its subject.

Nagano has travled to various places to sketch water surfaces. Some are beautiful, natural water scenes, but others retain somber memories of places where water once existed peacefully until it released its dark energy. Composed with subtle, yet vibrant arrangements of color, the artist pays meticulous attention to the physical qualities of her medium. The results appear to blur the distinction between the physical and the spiritual. In Nagano's works, colors, particularly blue and white, assume an almost ethereal property that at times elevate the painting from the physical temporary to the surreal and permanent. As the artist has stated, "While following the blue shadow drifting on the water, I wished to at least capture that one moment.”

Born in Tokyo, Nagano graduated from Tama Art University in 1981. In 1996 she studied India ink drawing at Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing. Over the past three decades, Nagano has exhibited widely in Japan and been the subject of solo exhibitions at a number of prominent galleries in Paris, Beijing, New York, and Tokyo. 


1987  “BLUE SPOTS” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
1988  “BLUE LINES” Tokiwa Gallery, Tokyo
1989  “BLUE SPOTSⅡ” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
1990  “BLUE STREAM” Gallery Natsuka Tokyo
1991  “SPRING SHOWER” Gallery Natsuka Tokyo
1993  “SPRING SHOWER IN THE STREAM” Gallery Natsuka Tokyo
1994  “CURRENT OF BLUE” Gallery Aries, Tokyo
1995  “TRACE OF WIND & WATER” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
1997  “TRACE OF WIND ‘97” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
1998  “TRACE OF WIND ‘98” EXHIBITION SPACE Tokyo International Forum
1999  Gallery JIN, Tokyo
2002  “Traces of Wind in HIMARAYA” Gallery Space AGITT, Tokyo
2003  Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
2005  GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2006  GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2008  GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2009  Gallery Natsuka,Tokyo, CAELUM GALLERY, New York
2010  Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
2011  GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2012  Steps Gallery, Tokyo
2013  “AQUA” Galerie Metanoia, Paris  GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama
2014  Steps Gallery, Tokyo  
Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo, GALERIE PARIS, Yokohama


1987  “WORKS ON PAPER” Osaka Contemporary Art Center
          Imadate Mayor Prize, Imadate City Center, Fukui
1990  “CANADA GRAND PRIX” L’institut canadien de Quebec La bibliotheque de Quebec, Canada
1991  “PERU” Lima Art Museum, Peru
1992  “ART QUEST’92 The Endless Version on Surface” The Parthenon Tama, Tokyo
1993  “SHANG-HAI Art Museum Selected Art” Shang-Hai Art Museum, China
       “R・E・C・I・P・E“Ohsaki West Gallery, Tokyo
1997  “CONTEMPORARY ART FESTIVAL” The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
1998  “Beauty of SUMI” Gallery Naraya, Tokyo
2001  “JAPAN/KOREA Fine Art Exhibition 2001” The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
2002  “Contemporary Art Festival” Citizen’s Gallery, Yokohama
2003  “ART COCKTAIL” (~’08), Tokyo/Kasama
2007  “City Art Project in SENDAI” Sendai
2011  “JAPAN.KOREA.CHINA Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing China
2013  “Bump into Beijing” Steps Gallery, Tokyo
       “Rich Seasons” ORIE Art Gallery, Tokyo
         “Beppu Art Month” Beppu, Oita     
2014 "Selection - Mittsu no Shisen - " 
Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo
2015  "FAVORITE2015" Steps Gallery, Tokyo