Image above: “TENNOZ ISLE” by Akiyoshi Odagawa

小田川明好さんはD-SLRカメラと8mmフィッシュアイのレンズを使用して、目を見張る美しい写真を撮影しています。 通常の写真のようにある一部分を切り取った撮影とは違い、小田川さんは撮影ポイントより全周を撮影するため、平面のパノラマ写真になった状態を想像して構図を決めるのが重要となってきます。小田川さんいわく、360度全方位を撮影することは明るい太陽、空また暗い影の被写体が混在するため、カメラの設定も重要。

Photographer Akiyoshi Odagawa uses a D-SLR camera with a 8mm fisheye lens to take beautiful photographs of various subjects. Unlike normal photographs where the photographer takes one part of a scene or object, Odagawa takes 360 degrees photographs from a single shooting point. It is important to imagine what the subject of the photograph will look like if viewed as a flat panorama photograph. Odagawa explains that the location of the camera is key when taking 360 degrees photographs because the sunshine, sky and dark shadows of his subjects co-exist in one take.

Image below: “Cherry blossoms” by Akiyoshi Odagawa


Image below: “Hotel room” by Akiyoshi Odagawa


Image below: “Zounohana Park” by Akiyoshi Odagawa


Image below: “PACIFIC CONVENTION PLAZA YOKOHAMA” by Akiyoshi Odagawa



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