‘Vesuvius’, a film project by video artist Wojciech Tubaja, is in post-production. Here are two trailers from this project.

ビデオアーティスト、 ヴォイチェフ•ツバージャの新作「 Vesuvius 」は撮影が完了し、以下2つのビデオが予告編です。

Fascinated by Mount Vesuvius for a long time, Wojciech decided to take an emotional trip to this volcano. The ‘Vesuvius’ Project consists of two parts: ‘Careful with the Sun’, a short fiction film, which is a psychological study of a state between totalizing rationalism and uncertain emotionality, and ‘Vesuvius’, which is a documentary portrait of actress Tomoko Hayakawa, who also starred in Wojciech’s film ‘2903’.

*Wojciech Tubaja’s works can be seen at http://www.mizenka.com/artist/Wojciech-Tubaja

*ヴォイチェフ•ツバージャの作品は http://www.mizenka.com/jp/artist/Wojciech-Tubaja でご高覧いただけます。


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